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MayaLaCookie's News

Posted by MayaLaCookie - October 5th, 2022

Hey sorry for the late post, I got up late.

Besides that I'm user of the day! Which is weirdly unreal for me and I'm super appreciative for that

Anywho I'm gonna take a moment to update everyone since October is usually my busy month. (Midterms)

So far I have been just working on animations for class and only been going personal projects and other art on the side.

I got back into watercoloring tho, hopefully I can post it soon here


Besides that I'm in a few collabs and I hope to share you guys my parts in those collabs soon. It's one way for me to get out of artblock lol

Besides that, I'm doing better. My ankle is healing up quickly and I do longer need crutches. I also was able to go to see Gorillaz last week in Denver, which was awesome.


(I have a ton of photos but here's one of my favorites)

I don't really have much more to say besides school is decent and I'm chugging along. Trying not to do shit this year since it's my junior year.

Can't believe I'm almost done with college I don't want the debt to be a reality yet.

Anywho, if you got this far thank you for hearing my rambling though this. Here's a quick gift,

I need to finish this up tomorrow I'm pretty busy today but if I get it done today I'll post it before the day ends


Also happy funkin 2 year anniversary, the game is two years old holy shit.



Posted by MayaLaCookie - September 10th, 2022

Hey everyone,

For the last few weeks I was thinking of making these "monthly updates" as a way to stay active here and also kinda just talk about random shit that I feel like

So uh, in August I started college again so I been really busy. One of the reason why I haven't gotten my big boy animation done, the other one was stress and being pretty unmotivated for a few weeks now

Besides that, in other more recent news. I fucked up my ankle. But in better news, that didn't stop me from going to Oregon to see the Nine Inch Nails concert yesterday. Yes I did just flew over from Colorado to Oregon for a concert with a sprained ankle




But hey it was awesome. When my mom and I were getting merch at the stand, we got lucky and actually got an autographed poster from NIN

Again the show was amazing

That's about what going on so far, I'm been working on animation for both classes and projects and hopefully I can at least get everything done before October, it will be crazy after that but I'll try to be around when I can

For my ankle I'll be getting it checked again after a week or so. I'm doing better

Also happy splatoon day, which was yesterday but fuck it



Posted by MayaLaCookie - August 25th, 2022

Hey, this is more or less a life update of me saying "I'm back in college now!" but this week been so rough to me that I just wanted to talk about something that's been on my mind

I'll try to not make this into a rant or vent. I just kinda wanna talk

For a while now, I been super unmotivated to create art, maybe now it's cause of irl stress but for a while it's been because of my self-esteem.

I always had poor self-esteem, I'll admit that but it started to show it's fangs more because of how much I'm "Lacking" this year.

A made a lot of art and now I'm not having fun anymore. Which is why I'm trying to switch to animation

But I think my bad self-esteem comes from not being able to "fit" here. I wanna be apart of this community of artists of all kinds but I feel like I'm not existent

I feel like a kinda shattered my voice and I won't be able to stand up and just talk to everyone or "fit in"

At times I feel unwelcomed just because I haven't done something that warrants anything

I sometimes feel like the shitpost artist that people just follow because "You made that one funny art piece of tankman, tom fulp or whatever" even though I'm trying to be more original with my works and actually make something that I am proud of more then just a silly joke I did one day

I really wanna do something great for this community like many people have, only issue is how scared I am to talk. I always been a shy person and now with a mixture of bad timing, luck, and my self-esteem I feel like I don't belong here at times

But I'm gonna keep trying, I have an animation in the works that I hope I can get done before the 4th. I wanna stay here badly but I just have to fight off my bad feelings and just roll with the punches

I am gonna stop working on art tho, I have no fun in that anymore and it started to just feel like I was trying to swing a bat that always missed the ball

Sorry if this became a bit more of a vent post, I just feel like, without giving a lot of personal life stuff out, talking about it here and just roll with the punches after that.

I honestly hope the best comes for everyone, this community been so nice and awesome

And hopefully one day I won't feel so disconnected here.

Hope everyone has a good one, here's to more content soon hopefully (If college doesn't kill me lol)



Posted by MayaLaCookie - August 3rd, 2022


So I'm just spreading the word for @CaptainStevie about the NG Philly Meet up!

(Not my Art, credits to @CaptainStevie)


The meet up is gonna be at the Downtown Sheraton in Philadelphia at the con Furrydelphia in Panel 1.

It will take place on Saturday August 27th at 11 AM EST

Steve is wanting to host this meetup to have fun and meet some Philly Newgrounders. If this goes well, he's thinking of doing more in the future.

If you are interested and in the Philly area, come check out the meetup!

If you want to ask Steve any questions, feel free to send him a pm!


I wish I could go since Philly on my list of places to go but hey I just wanna spread the word for those who are interested :)



Posted by MayaLaCookie - August 3rd, 2022

Hi I'm not dead, I just been working on animation stuff,

I'm making a funny movie for the jam

Hopefully Friday it will be out, been working on it for three weeks.

I also been sick too

Anyways k bye




Posted by MayaLaCookie - June 12th, 2022

Hey, I haven't really talked in a while. I was on a trip for the last week and finally got back to my town.

I just wanna give an update to everything in my life and stuff.

First off, I didn't make a Moxxy Day follow up post due to some issues that arise but I wanna take a moment to share everyone art from that day. I also saw my friends putting her in their Pico Day stuff and that made me happy.

Again dw, I'm not trying to shove Pico Day on the side I just haven't gotten around to share all of these works. Thank you to all who have joined this small event back in May, hopefully I can continue it. Again all these works are amazing and I'm both stock and happy to see it. Check everyone out, they are all cool peeps

On a bit of a not so good note, I have been struggling with my art for the past week. Hell I made a pico day post because my animation wasn't yet finished. Good news, I'm back home and gonna start on it again. I have a deadline but for now I'm gonna keep the animation on a TBA for this time. It was going to me my pico day animation but I had no time to work on it during my trip.

You might see more art from me too but it's just gonna be some quick stuff until I can get back up again. This animation quite took a toll on all my art and I really wanna get it done cuz I think it's neat.

Again, I'm going though a rough patch right now but I have good hopes that everything will be fine.

So to end off, Happy Pico Day I hope everything are having their fun with the carrot boy. I'm having fun animating him

Actually let me show you the version of him from my animation (I was gonna keep it for later but thank of this as a pico day gift lol)

Anyways take care and have a good week :)




Posted by MayaLaCookie - May 12th, 2022

Hey again, I'm announcing a little thing that is coming up on the 23rd, Moxxy's bday.

I made my oc Moxxy back on May 23rd 2021 and didn't expect her to become one of my main ocs on my NG account.

So back in December, a friend of mine give me an idea about making a Moxxy Day on her bday for this year and I just went "Why the hell not?"

Let me get this straight, this is not a contest.

This is just a day to celebrate my oc birthday and the art I made throughout the whole time I was on NG

If you end up doing a submission for Moxxy Day just tag it with "moxxyday" just so I can see it.

I was thinking of adding submissions onto a news post during or after the day if there's any just because I like to feature art of my characters on my page, but again you don't have to join in. This is just for fun and I appreciate if you wanna join in.

Moxxy Day will be on May 23rd, I'm just giving everyone a heads up.

For those who wanna join in and give my girl a shot here's a ref I recently made for her: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/mayalacookie/moxxy-reference-2

Again, just a fun day to celebrate my funny assassin girl that somehow took over my entire Newgrounds page

I hope everyone has a good day,

I have been working on some big projects so again apologizes for the lack of art

Peace out lol

(Sorry I didn't make any special doodle for this so have this quick one I did)




Posted by MayaLaCookie - April 27th, 2022

Heyo, I wanna give out a Summer update on plans that I have. I haven't been posting a lot due to college but by next week, I'll be finally out of hell for at least a few months (Yay!)

So once I do, I'll be posting more art often. I have a goal on finishing AT LEAST one animation for my series soon, since that have been on my mind since....forever


Speaking of, Moxxy's b-day is coming up (May 23rd). I still can't believe she's been one of my main ocs for a whole year now lol. I don't have any big "Moxxy Day" planned for May 23rd just a little celebration of my lovely assassin girl lmao. I have been working on her design in the background on Twitter so hopefully I can post more of her soon here


Besides these two, I just gonna try to relax for the whole break since my brain has been a puddle for the last few weeks

Again expect more original work coming soon only cause I need my break from fanart lol


Before I go, I wanna share some fanart I have gotten from my boy Comicious over on Twitter (And Hopefully NG soon enough) of Moxxy. I love how he does my girl justice and honestly just makes me super happy that him and a lot of peeps enjoys her. Means a lot to me <3



K bye have a good weekend




Posted by MayaLaCookie - April 1st, 2022

Hello Fulp Worshipers,

Today we hit the big number, thank you all for 300 fans! I'm nearly close on beating my Instagram follower count (315) and I can't be thankful enough for the overwhelming support for my art.

But, I hit a roadblock for the last few weeks.

So Moxxy, some of you may know her or may not know her but she's been my main oc that I have been working on since May 2021, which is stocking for me since usually ocs come and go for me. But I had a moment of realization, she may not be the oc best fit for the story I want to tell. Don't get me wrong I love her but I also kinda just wanna move on from her ever since Love Me NG I kinda felt like I hit my limit with Moxxy.

So I introduce you my new main oc, MAXXWELL!


(Still work in process but)

You may have seen this follow take up my banner on NG, well because he's my new bitch. Moxxy could never

He's an EPIC assassin with a water gun and is MEGA awesome. I have big boy plans for this new bitch and hopefully he will be as awesome as Boyfriend from Five Funkin Nights or even Pico from Castle Crashers! One can only dream

Anywho, I'm also working on some NFTS that you can get here!

Thank you again for the support for my Newgrounds, hopefully I can keep on giving you amazing art and shit




Posted by MayaLaCookie - March 17th, 2022

We did it, I have been here for one year.

I wanted to make something for this day but I can't think of anything,

Also It was my birthday a few days ago, I didn't post anything either cuz I was out lol

I wish I had something planned more for today but I have just kinda been doing my own thing

Besides art I did do that game, but that's about it. Hopefully I can get more projects out soon, I have a week off of school thankfully so-

Maybe I can post some sketches here. Uh


I drew myself for my bday lol

I also compared Present Moxxy to my very first design of Moxxy.


I really didn't want to make this a non-sense post I just don't have a lot to say lol.

One thing I could say is thanks for all of the support and 270 fans. I really do like posting here and making art, hopefully I can keep doing that :>

Alright have a good one, k bye.