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MayaLaCookie's News

Posted by MayaLaCookie - February 23rd, 2022

This is gonna be a short post.

I'm taking a very small break from art, for many reasons.

I'm just super burnout and I kinda just wanna talk about it.

I started to put myself a high standard that I can never reach, not because I'm not good enough. It's just cause it's a high standard. I tend to feel like I have to always step up my game in art whenever an art piece of mine "flops" and as of last week, it's been eating me up inside. I burnt myself out because of it.

Right now I can't even draw my ocs because I'm so torn about being perfect that I just lost my motivation in art.

Actually started playing this game that deals with this kind of dread, it's really clamming and I have been starting to get better about not letting these bad thoughts get to my head.

So, I'm gonna take a small four or so day break, to let myself recover from everything and focus on my homework and projects. Also thanks for everyone who has seen my recent post, It means a lot to me

Don't worry I won't ditch Newgrounds, I love it here and it has given me the opportunity to meet some really dope people



Posted by MayaLaCookie - February 1st, 2022

Holy shit thank you for 200 fans! iu_540628_8803650.png

Honestly I'm surprised, I was at like what 130 four days ago? Either way thank you all for the support! I really appreciate it!

Maybe we can make it to 1k by the end of the year....Nah lmao, I'm just happy to have the support I have now and hopefully I can keep bring wonderful art to you all!

I actually wanna talk about somethings while I'm here tho:

To all who attended the winterfest, saw the opening or watch the youtube livestreams: Thank you for coming! I'm glad a lot of you enjoyed the con and I was happy to meet some new people in the server. Though I didn't do a panel, I was trying to still be active because I like meeting new people (though sometimes I have social anxiety).

Plus I got my second frontpage with my Tom Shitting art, I couldn't be happier for that.

Also commissions, I really wanted to start commissions but I just recently started college again, so atm I'm just planning to keep them closed until I get out of College or if I can balance my workload out, I can start them sooner. So keep an eye out for that, I'll just make another news post whenever I do open them

Anywho that's about it, thanks again for 200 fans, you guys all really do mean a lot to me

Newgrounds Forever *Peace Sign*

oh yeah, take my recreation of the "IM SHITTING" meme I did since I can't make a 200 drawing:




Posted by MayaLaCookie - December 30th, 2021



So uh, I never usually do these recap stuff but hey

As a lot may know, this is my first year on Newgrounds. I used to use Newgrounds sometimes back when I was younger, I always liked the games here (One of my favorites is Henry Stickmen) and used to watch a lot of videos of people (Mainly Markiplier) playing flash games most originated here. But it was Friday Night Funkin that made me create this account.

I found FNF though Tiktok (Oooo Cringe Lmao) and recognize the Spooky Month Kids, Skid and Pump (Who I did know because I used to watch a lot of Sr Pelo stuff back then) so I checked out the game back in Novmeber 2020, when I was sent back home due to Covid and enjoyed it, Week 3 just came out (Pico Week) and Week 4 was just about to come out (Mom Week)

But now flashforward to March 2021, three days after my birthday. Me, a fan of fnf who currently loves the bomdhead Whitty makes a Newgrounds account after so much debate in my mind. My first post on Newgrounds was Cotton Candy

Candy was actually made to be the first oc on Newgrounds, of course I was still super active on instagram but Candy was the first NG Oc I made. In case you are wondering, Candy's design got changed after I got bored of drawing humans.

And ever since, I just continued to post my art. I wasn't so invested in art as I am now due to taking a big break back in 2020, to work on my college work as a Film Major (Which I still am a Film Major lmao)

My work during this time was....eh (In my opinion) but I didn't care. I was just a fan having fun.

I think my next post was Whitmore? Can't remember, do know that I did delete it after all the Sock.Clip drama tho.

I just posted fanart until the 31st of March, I got my first fan.iu_510823_8803650.webp

I was walking in the mall looking at NG when I got the first fan and let me tell you I was super happy.

I was so worried that I was just gonna use Newgrounds for a week and then leave it since I wasn't scouted. But then others found my account though (I assume) my FNF fanart and my Mario 31st art and such.

So to my first fan, thank you (If you are still around but hey you still made me happy)

And at the start of April I was scouted. By the end of April I made an piece called "That one time-" which came from an idea after I started playing vrchat and was running around as Captain from Tankmen in a strip club world. So I made this.

Why bring this up? Well this is because this is a this is a certified “how I met your father” moment. My friend, @QueenBoo found my art of Captain and followed me on Instagram, then Newgrounds. She was IN LOVE with this stupid piece that it became our joke on how it started our friendship. I'm not surprised if you know her, she makes....uh....pretty lewd art of Tankmen or other characters (Or Stan or any other Jeff voiced hunk). She also has a tanksona name Thirst (whom I have drawn many times lmao)

Ok ok, so May wasn't too existing nor the start of June (If you wanna know why I was also friends with A TON of FNF creators/artists/fans so I wasn't on Newgrounds that often) besides getting CSP for replacing FireAlpaca.

But one thing in May did happened that was...something.

May 23rd, I'm obsessed with Luke a Sock.Clip oc whom was originally a fusion of Whitty and Updike (They usually aren't in fancy dresses but a lot of Whitty art has been deleted or private). I was so obsesed with Luke that I wanted to make a OC x Canon ship (This is basically a OC x OC ship but I didn't consider it that?)

I created a girl, inspired by May-Rin from Black Butler and Velma in weird way, with blue skin and hair as in the same style of Luke and named her...Moxxy

Moxxy was supposed to be a one off character, I knew I was going to throw her out after my obsession was Luke was gone. Actually, I didn't drew Moxxy with Luke as much in public due to some people in the discord server I was in having a inside joke that I didn't want to ruin for the fact I to also like this character. (Nothing wrong of inside jokes and these were clearly kids who just took it too far at times)

But one night, before I left for Alaska. A friend on discord sent me a sketch of Moxxy in her newer design. (Around the time I decided to change her outfit a bit). This person, who am gonna keep nameless, was a good friend of mine during this time and we used to just talked and talked about Sock's Ocs and our OCs. They really liked Moxxy that they actually drew her as a gift for me. I was in tears (I was already upset about something else) and that really made me happy.

I would love to show you guys the drawing and hell, even link their account because they are a very amazing talent artist that I didn't give them enough credit for. But after some events, we are no longer friends and I want to do my best to respect them and their rules on reposting art (They dislike when people repost their art).

But I'll say this, if it wasn't for their art, who knows what would've happened with Moxxy.

They where even the first to suggest/drew Moxxy with muscles (since she was an assassin) I loved that idea so much I drew it and now it's just part of her character (even though I was shit at making muscles)

Ok now, it's the end of June, I'm in Alaska visiting my family and wasn't on Newgrounds that often but then my friend Queen told me about this little thing called "Newgrounds Summerfest" a virtual festival hosted by @Stanpai on Discord. During the fest, I couldn't do a lot since most of the time I was sitting in my tent on my Mac with a crappy battery. But it was fun and I met a lot of cool people.

Around July-September, I wasn't doing much. Besides starting animation (My first one was actually this flipnote animation I made https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/mayalacookie/pool-party-first-flipnote-animation) and creating more oc art like Ryan, my tanksona https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/mayalacookie/ryan-the-bomber-bitch

But October was a...bad month for me. Like I mentioned before, I had some drama come up with a group I used to be friends with. I don't want to talk about it on a public note as it doesn't need to be dig up nor be viewed in a public setting. But it did resulted in me losing my group of friends and me leaving the group all together, It was hard for the month of October because I was becoming a toxic ass again. I did harsh things for no good reasons and it resulted in nonsense vents and fighting among friends. These people (though not part on Newgrounds) were still there to listen and hear me out, until I became so unbearable. You don't need to know what happened, we all came to a conclusion that me leaving the group/breaking ties with all of these people and apologizing with the people I truly hurt would be the best for them and my health. I still wish them the best in life, they are all neat people with neat talents.

During this time, I was still in the festival server with Queen and many others. I just broke down, I wasn't mentally healthy even now I'm still recovering from those events. This is why Goretober never finished. But Queen along with others, like @M1roArt helped me get back up on my feet. If it wasn't for Newgrounds and the friends I made here, who knows what would've happened that month. Yes I fucked up, but I'm learning from it in the best way I know how. I also had my truck broken in too so that just added to the crappiness (Don't worry I got it fixed)

But again, October gotten a tiny bit better as I did get to 50 fans which was amazing for me.

This was also the point where I abandoned Instagram, fully going to Newgrounds and reviving my Twitter. So now I'm here.

After October, November was the "Beginning of my hell known as Finals." Picture this, I have one final film project due that needs to be shot and edited before December. Two Papers, one which was 10 PAGES LONG and a smaller 2 page one, Spanish homework that I lacked on due to my mental health and movies to watch and talk about and take quizzes on.

Basically, College

Besides that, I was starting to do better mentally, I even got back into art in a way (BIG MISTAKE BUT HEY IT WAS WORTH IT) and thanksgiving break came and went, I was driving back to my college, everything going well some people planning to do a music night, Queen tagging me random ass questions or something, my normal day.

Until I got home, was packing my things into my room went back to my phone and I see three dms from Queen.




I was in stock I ran to my mac opened it up and saw "Made it to the Sunrise" frontpaged

((Funny story I did I have a screenshot but I have no idea where it went lmao))

I couldn't believe (and still can't) believe my art got frontpaged. Out of EVERYTHING that happened this year, this is the one where I did jump in joy and said "MY GIRL MOXXY GOT FRONTPAGED YEAHHHHHH"

(...No wonder my neighbors hate me lmao.)

After such a shitty Spooky Month, this really posted my motivation and made me feel more welcome on Newgrounds and hell the fact it was Moxxy, the oc I made to ship with a different oc at a time, an oc I didn't know was gonna have a future or even be one of my main ocs, got frontpaged.

Not my fanart

But my original works

So again, this give me so much more motivation to post art and it even give me motivation to work on Moxxy's story a lot more (I'll say this now I apologize for the amount of Moxxy art I have done after this, I love her a lot and I seriously should get her series out lmao) But hey that was dope.

Now we are FINALLY in December.

I finished finals on a not so good bang but I'm gonna try better next semester because holy shit I need to prioritize.

I also was able to join Tankmas Adventure 2021 hosted by @Splatterdash, my day was yesterday (29th) and the Secret Santa 2021 by @Xinxinix. These two have been working hard on these things and I'm happy to be able to be apart of them.

FINALLY we are at the end of 2021. I started off as a 18 year old who was simping over a emo boy name Sebastian from Stardew Valley and now I'm a 19 year old who is simping over a fnf mod character again (Ramses Jackson is hot ok) and....uh....Glamrock Freddy (Not necessarily simping it's more I just enjoy and like Freddy).

So...what now?

Here have some music lmao, this song is stuck in my head help

Well. I have plans I think.

One of my goals is to join a lot more events on Newgrounds, collabs, contests, random day events etc. It's been fun just to get myself out there. Hell, the Newground Rumble Reveals I made? (Ryan, Moxxy, and Pico) I know I might not be the best artist in the contest but I had fun, I love making Reveals art (Like Smash or NG Rumble) I still want to make probs a Boyfriend, Senpai or ENA reveals if I feel up for it, Maybe another oc of mine? Who knows lol

I also want to be able to meet more amazing people and hope to bring my stories into a reality.

Ok so, sorry to cut this off short. My town is in a power outrage and we are having power cut off every hour. It's not looking good atm but hey. Hopefully by tomorrow we will get power back, but it might be later then that.

So until then have a good new year, see ya around and thanks for all the fish.



Posted by MayaLaCookie - December 25th, 2021

Happy Holidays!

I was really hoping on making a art piece for today but I ran into a big art block in the middle of it. So instead of not posting anything, I'll post this news post.

I really do wish for everyone to have a good Christmas/Holiday. Hopefully this year treated you much better then last year

Since...you know.

But if you are feeling down or things aren't exactly good or great and you're having just a really crappy day just remember it's okay to feel sad on days like this. I have friends who had or have things happened around this time and it just brought them down, but just remember to keep looking up. It's almost 2022 and all we can do is be able to make our life the best one. Hopefully that make sense.

Anywho, I just want to leave with this quick sketch I made. In Moxxy's Universe, they don't really have a Christmas but a day where they give gifts around. Glacier and Mittens, two monsters who walk around the city usually would give out gifts so random strangers just walking down. If anything. Glacier is like the monster equivalent of santa.


I know this is a strange way to end off this post but hey, Hopefully you guys all have fun with the gifts you give and the gifts you receive.

Happy Hoildays



Posted by MayaLaCookie - December 17th, 2021

Ayyy I'm finally done with finals. So I can go back to doing art and stuff, I have of ideas in mind.

But I did mange to make this tiny animation for my film class (It's a tiny logo lmao)iu_499207_8803650.gif



Posted by MayaLaCookie - December 9th, 2021

It's a really busy week for me for finals and all that but I made this really really rough animation for the occasion.

Thanks for 100 followers/fans, you guys really made my year and I couldn't grow as an artist without your guys support :>

Here's to another good year




Posted by MayaLaCookie - December 6th, 2021




Posted by MayaLaCookie - November 27th, 2021

Hello There.

What a week huh? Well for me it's been chaotic.

I wanted to keep everyone updated because I have been busy (and will be super busy) for the upcoming weeks and December. So Imma make a small list of things I wanna talk about lmao.


On Nov 23, "Made it to the Sunrise" was frontpaged. Which I just couldn't believe and I'm still so happy that it did.

After such a shitty October (and a very chaotic week before thanksgiving break) this was a surprised for me and I couldn't tell you how much this means to me.

I was driving that day back to my apartment and didn't check Newgrounds until my friend @QueenBoo dm me on discord saying "FRONTPAGED! MOXXY FRONTPAGED!" I was in shock and just was so happy. I do know a lot of new followers came because of that piece so Imma say. Thanks for 87 fans.

Now if I can make it to 100 by the end of the year

And since you all mean the world to me

Here's early holiday gift to you all.


A spinning chicken nugget

Lack of Art and Sketch Dumps

So I have been working a lot on projects for Newgrounds and College. So if you noticed I'm kinda lacking with art atm. I'll tell you this, I am basically switching between four canvas on CSP because I have a few projects and too many sketch ideas.

So I decided to start posting sketches here, basically it's just the sketches I do when I'm bored (most of these were from the discord server I'm in so) and hopefully my sketches are enjoyed. I feel bad for not posting often here so I thought doing this would be nice.

For my Newgrounds projects, I have at least a few projects I'm working on, hopefully one of these will be finished before I go back to school so.

Anywho that's about it, I hope everyone is having a good week and hopefully I'll post more full works soon enough.

Usually I don't post my wips but just wanna show one of the pieces I'm working on




Posted by MayaLaCookie - November 19th, 2021


I'm in class I noticed my quick milestone. So thanks for 69 followers

(Now it's 70 which I still super appreciate so thank you again)



Posted by MayaLaCookie - October 22nd, 2021

So uh. Idk why but I like doing these blogs.


October been very rough with me, a lot of social and personal stuff doing on and school isn't helping at the slightest (I have two papers due this weekend that I barely worked on) but I have been doing a lot for myself. Though a lot of the things I have been doing is nothing but working on an short animation, playing NG games, and trying to put some effort into my homework (I'm not really falling behind but I'm barely holding on).

Hey, there's a lot in my life putting me down but I'm making the best of what I got. I'm also looking at the positive for a change, I just found out a band I loved back in high school released a new album and now my playlist is just FILLED with their songs (from their new and older albums). Plus I found their newest album on vinyl (Now if only if I can find What Separates Me From You or Homesick on Vinyl...)

Also like I said, I'm working on a short animation. I got this idea from a tiktok I found one night and just said "lmao I wanna recreate it into an animation" and so far it's going well. I made really good progress on it (this said progress should've gone to my homework but screw it) Anywho. I won't bore you much longer with my text. I might do these blogs things more often cuz sometimes. I just need to write lol

But before I go, let me show you a wip of my animation. Hopefully, this doesn't spoil too much

((I get really lazy when it comes to the sketching progress.))


Anywho, you all have a good one

P.S. I hope you all are having a great spooky month.