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MayaLaCookie's News

Posted by MayaLaCookie - May 29th, 2024

Sorry it took me a while to make this post. I wanted to share some photos I have taken around New York. I know Newgrounds isn't the site for Photography so that's why I'm making it into a blog post.

So long story short: Pico Day was fun and I was so glad to meet a lot of people. I even got to meet Tom Fulp as Tom Fulp


Anyways Here some of my favorites I took of New York, these were all taken on a Kodak half film camera:


Can't share all of them but hey. I might do this again if anyone would like to see more of my photos. But for now I'm leaving this here. Lmao



Posted by MayaLaCookie - May 16th, 2024

To make a long story short: I have been on Newgrounds since 2021 and this is the first time I have finally felt like a true animator. I started animating in 2022 and it eventually led up to Homestead, which has been frontpaged and has over 4,000 views and a bunch of positive comments.

It’s hard to put everything I wanna say into words besides Thank you for the support. This film isn’t what I assume anyone would have expected from me and I am so glad that it was revived well. This is the kind of stuff I want to do, this is the kind of art I am wanting to make and if you all want to stick with me though that journey then I’m sure there will be more to come.

With that, Thank you for all the support and thank you for 600+ followers. I been moving back from college and been pretty quiet but some news, I am going to be at the Pico Day meetup in NJ tomorrow and I have 200 peeco stickers to share.

I underestimate my stickers so you guys have to fight to the death (If you want one very badly, give me your ng name and that and I can keep one on the side for you)

Hope to meet a good chunk of everyone and thanks again on the support of Homestead, currently it’s in consideration of a few different film festivals so let's hope for the best! Also happy early Pico Day!




Posted by MayaLaCookie - April 23rd, 2024

Where have I been,

Doing shit obviously.

Just making a blog post to share somethings coming up

I'm posting my student film from my class on May 5th, very nice (it's actually in a film fest atm and it's been very unreal ngl)

I'll be at the NG meetup in New Jersey on the 17th. I will bring some stickers of Peeco but I only got 200 so act fast ig

Hopefully, I can make more shit on NG. I just posted an sketch dump cuz I have been sketching lmao

I'm active on Tumblr but it's very fandom based so if you ain't looking for cowboys or assassins then it's not for you lol

I am so good at being a active decent user of Newgrounds.com. People remember that I exist...right?

Hey whatever, animation dropping on the 5th. Byeeee




Posted by MayaLaCookie - December 31st, 2023

I usually make my annual “Year in Review” posts as a way to look back on my stuff. Honestly, this year sucked for me but you know what that’s ok.

I’ll keep this short, in 2023. I have worked on one major project, which was LMNG 2. I was the creator for the Faye route, which a lot more people liked than I expected.

I worked on a scene in the Newgrounds Summer Fest Opening, I didn’t partake in the fest as I was super busy going back to school and all that. But I was glad to take place in the opening.

This year I just burned out. I wanted to post more animations but I only gotten three done, but like I said that’s ok. I needed a break from the internet and even coming back it’s been hard to post stuff. I started to like my art again tho. I am also reworking on a student short film that I am HOPING I can get done by late 2024.

My 2023 animations:

I love Newgrounds, don't get me wrong, I am just taking time away to work on actual good shit. After posting my secret santa, I felt horrible. Like- that’s the best I can do? So for the last few days I have been reworking my style and I am starting to get my groove back.  Thankfully I feel like I can get the ball rolling faster because I finally own an actual computer and not just a shitty laptop.

Hey at least right now I can say I am starting to get myself out of my little hole I made. :) 

This week I will be attending the LA Meetup at Anime Los Angeles, which is hosted by my friend and the va for my oc Juneau, @QueenBoo. I had forgotten to get stickers to hand out but I am gonna show up in the most epic cosplay ever. 

It’s a secret I ain’t telling.

Oh yeah I got into a video game, not sure anyone heard of it but that’s taken up most of my time too lmao. Something something cowboy simulator.

Anyways, as for what to look forward to in 2024, Anything. Hoping to make more animations, at least get one done for 2024. 

Have a good new year and I’ll see you around. 




Posted by MayaLaCookie - October 5th, 2023

Happy creepy eepy month, I got some plans for the month

I got an animation in progress for the season and I hope you will all enjoy

I just been busy with school and projects, really hoping to catch a break soon but hey, at least I get some time to myself during work and all that

Anyways K bye, I might post some teasers of my project so stay tuned




Posted by MayaLaCookie - July 7th, 2023

Hey this is going to be a bit of a long post. So I am going to get my update stuff out of the way before I start to ramble

Thanks for 500 fans, I honestly didn’t expect to get to that. Not much to say only cuz it’s still quite surreal for me.

I am currently starting to work a big project that I hope to finish by March 2024, it’s quite massive but hey at least I am starting on it a lot eariler. With that said I am pretty much going to be inactive most of the time (or until Tom Fulp uploads that multiple image submission because I really want to leave Twitter and post my sketches here)

Along with that, I have an plan for a Blammed Sisters short, something small but it cuz a lot of you guys seem to really like Faye which is also very surreal for me.

Even though this isn’t any new news, LMNG having a competition. There are some cash prizes and top three will be rewarded with not only cash but some gifts, like a animated gif by @CheddarExuberent, a special message from MC by @NickSenny, a half body sketch by @Queenboo and a full color full body drawing from me.

If you wanna join (which I suggest you do as all of the submissions will be showcased on @Gloom-Gorl and @NeuromanceEspa stream on July 22nd) check out QueenBoo’s post. Again I know I am adding nothing new just like to give more light on it.

I been debating on starting commissions but as of now I am unable, just busy. But I am going to be supporting my ko-fi more often now. If you like what am doing and would like to support, check it out. I may do some sketch commissions tho because I hate asking for money without giving something in return you know?

Here's my ko-fi if you are interested in it


I don’t think I have any other updates. So let me ramble for a sec

To be honest, I am not doing well mentally. It might be just some stress from all these projects along with my busy life outside of art. But I just been struggling to put something out here you know? I guess I’m only really rambling because I feel bad for being so inactive. If we do get that multi image submission update then I will be here more often posting sketches. But for now I’ve slowed down on art because I am not really happy with it. I been doing animation more and hope to bring out more animation on the table. Hopefully you all understand because it’s hard to post full finish works here and then kind of just disappeared after a while you know? I love it here don’t get me wrong.

Another thing, it’s been a very long time (since like last year?) when I brought up my self-doubt and all that. As much as it’s still apart of my life it’s kinda getting easier to manage. So, unless you didn’t see my recent post or my sketch dump, I am quite interested in a certain silly cowboy game that became my whole personality for now half a year.

Had to play Red Dead Redemption 2 for my college english class and ever since it kinda made me view my worth a bit differently. Arthur Morgan has similar issues I go though and seeing him contently bring himself down made me realize how much I do it and still do it. I am not 100% better, as one might expect, it’s not something I can easily move on from as self-loathing as been apart of my life ever since my final year of high school.

 I have a lot in life going on too, I’m in my final year of college, I am moving out of the town I lived in ever since I was 4 and I am going to be facing life out of school and hope to find a job in film production (or more specifically animation). I cried yesterday because the feeling became so overwhelming.

I guess at the end of the day, I’m trying and I am also struggling. But still trying to push out of that self-loathing funk and I want to make more for here, even if it means I am gone for most of the time. I am still active, I still check Newgrounds and stuff just I want to make better stuff in a medium that I am happier in and I hope you guys enjoy the stuff I have to offer.

I hope this wasn’t too vent-y? I just wanna try to give some context to my headspace rn. Hoping you guys stay here for the ride because I do have some things in store.

Hope you all have a good one.



Posted by MayaLaCookie - March 23rd, 2023

Hey everyone hope you guys are doing well

This is more so an update on my social platforms since I been getting real tired of Twitter. So first, I have a SpaceHey account now. This is where my general blogging and more weekly blogging will go, I'm going to be using this Newgrounds blog as more so announcements and monthly blogs, still trying to do a check in every month (even though I been lacking lmao)

But if you would like to check me out and see a more general side of me, SpaceHey is where I'll be at

Another thing, I am been moving sketches and doodles to my Tumblr, so if you ever wanna know what I'm sketching I am usually posting over there

My le epic spacehey


I haven't posted anything here still (more so I'm worried on that "make a good first impression post" and I also have been like dead on ideas for a while now) but I would like to mention I might have something up for Pico Day

Keyword: Might

It's a project I am on with friends and we were going to post it during March but we figured Pico Day would be a better time for us, so keep your eyes peeled for that

As for personal projects, I had to postpone a lot of my ideas due to college, but thankfully I am slowly catching up and I'll be having a break next week, so hopefully I can get some shiz done.

I will say it again, Newgrounds will forever me my home for my art and animation, just don't think stuff like my sketches work here

I also say this, me leaving twitter (and insta) is kinda odd to me? It's like saying "Why drop your presence on bigger social medias where you can make a name for yourself for underground smaller communities?"

The more I think of it, the more I realized I just want to be in my own small community. I love seeing the reactions I get to projects I get here and on Tumblr a lot more then on Twitter

But hey, maybe it's me wanting to live in the wild west days of the internet

One last thing, It was my 21st birthday last week and it was fun. I have been hanging out with more people at my school that I could say they are friends

Ever since February I also got into Red Dead Redemption 2, due to having to play it for class and I became with two really cool peeps who love the game as much as me

I also went out around that time to bowling night at my school and meet a group of cool peeps

I have brought up my self esteem problems a lot in the past but in a weird way making friends in my college and playing RDR2 really helped me feel better about myself. I may not be 100% but at least now I'm slowly making out of the hole I dig myself into. Again my friends, both classmates and friends I hang out with for laser tag and bowling are the sweetest people I met and my whole birthday week was wonderful then I expected

My friend from class even give me a card for my birthday, he's a bigger RDR2 fan then me lmao and he drew Lenny which just made me so happy


Anyways this was much longer then I expected, I hope these blogs aren't becoming tired some, I feel like at times I repeat myself to much but hey just wanna let everyone know I'm ok and I'll be back here on Newgrounds soon enough

Have a good one :)



Posted by MayaLaCookie - February 22nd, 2023

Hey there, It’s been a while

I really thought I would finally have something up for 2023, like art or an animation or whatever but I been dealing with a creativity burnout for a while now. I didn’t want to just drop off the face of the earth on Newgrounds so I’m making this news post saying I am alright and just updating everyone that I am trying to get back to art again. Just been hard with my college work and everything.

I am still debating on doing commissions too as I am pretty much in a bad place right now financially, as much as I don’t want to mention it. But that’s still up in the air since right now I been struggling to make art all together.

I know most of my blog posts has been me down in the dumps but that’s my nature in a silly way, I guess. I just want to post more here because I still care for Newgrounds. I just really want my first 2023 art/animation to not be underwhelming you know?

 But as of now I been very tired and I dug myself into a very bad art block hole, which to combat this I actually bought a journal and started to do life sketches, nothing too crazy but at least it gets me back into the creative mood you know?



A plant I saw in the main building on my campus and then my friends in my audio editing class and my friends corgi. I am not a pro at life sketches lmao

There is an project I am on coming up to HOPEFULLY that would make up for my lack of anything here, plus you will see why I haven’t posted too since a lot of my time also was devoted to that project creatively.

Mainly TLDR: I am mentally not doing well and art is not going well cuz of it. Plus I am obsessing over a certain game rn so my mind kinda taking a break from working on art so much.

But hey, I am doing better like I said I got a journal and as much as it was a silly inside joke for me (cuz the character I’m in love with writes/draws in a journal in game) it has actually been getting me back on track to work on projects again.

So if you sticked with me this far, thanks for sticking around. I can’t explain how honored I am to have a supporting group of peeps, even if it’s not a lot. Someday I hope to make it up to you guys

See ya later



Posted by MayaLaCookie - December 31st, 2022

Hey everyone,


This is my 2022 recap. I’m going to try to recap in a good size post without making this like 3 pages long this time lol.

Honestly, just like I said in a previous post, I felt like I had an “Nothing” year. Like, I know I have done a lot this year, like some games and a ton of art. I just feel like I could have done more this year you know?


Earlier this year I did just to do a bit of work on the opening for Newgrounds winter fest, granted it wasn’t a lot.

I did work on Love Me Newgrounds, which was a crazy production but hey it was a good learning experience for me.

I did get to meet my friend, @QueenBoo at the end of summer, we had a fun time. It was my first time traveling alone, I have family near where she lives but I haven’t been down there for like a few years so it was nice to go back. Also Queen did help me with a background on my summer jam animation, can't thank her enough for that.

Over the first like week of September, I sprained my ankle. Next day I went to go see a NIN concert in Oregon with my mom, I was on crutches (still fun tho). That was also the same day Splatoon 3 came out lmao

After that I went to see a Gorillaz concert, which was something I wanted to do for a long time and just happened to find out they were performing at the Ball Arena in Denver (Formerly Pepsi center, tbh I think that’s a better name btw, prob cuz that’s what I knew it as for years) I was still in a brace but I did heal up just fine, which was good cuz we got a lot of snow in my college town about a week after I was out of a brace.

I was able to join the sketch collab, which was fun. @BrandyBuizel had to save my ass because my flash save just got deleted by my computer, thank god he was there and helped my ass one it. I been better about doing backups for animations now so that’s good lmao

I also did Faces of 2022, which I did Jameslee and ENA. I know Chromacee did Moxxy, which is nice to see.

I did join a smaller collab called Creature Collab, just a gallery of our creatures. I drew all of mine when I was visiting my grandparents in Alaska, they are something but hey.

Not NG related but I did do Art Fight, might do it again


I did do a Moxxy Day back in may, I’m not sure if I do another but I’ll try to announce it a lot sooner if I do, one day I hope to make it a contest with prices but as of now it’s just a silly day for my ocs.



Besides that what now?

Well I plan to make a lot more animations, this year I realized how much I enjoy working on animations more then just illustrations. Sure they aren’t super polished but that’s given for the fact I started just a year ago now but hey, I’m still learning.

I did post my unfinish animations I did this year as a gift for my fans tho:

I’m going to chill out with my art tho, might have noticed I kinda stopped posting for a bit, only cuz I been in a major art block with me overthinking all of my art again. My lack of confidences likes to make me doubt sometimes.

I just been figuring out my art, I know I have improve but I know I still have a lot to learn.


But hey, Thanks to the 463 peeps who stayed with me. It means a lot, Hopefully soon I can work on something to share with you all.

I am going to be updating my pfp and banner for the new year cuz y not lol.

Hope you guys have a good new year eve. Hopefully we see each other again soon.




Posted by MayaLaCookie - November 22nd, 2022

Ok Imma be real, I was going to make a “Year in Review” post later but currently I was thinking about my year rn and I just kinda wanna ramble.

This year was a mix bag for me, like sure I made a lot of cool things and art but at the same time it was a big mess and that’s ok.

I had so many ideas that I wanted to do but never got around to do it, mainly cuz of time and mental health or just my personal life getting in the way. Plus the shit I was able to be in or get out here wasn’t by best work I believe, like the big boy animation I did, I had fun with it tho. 

Idk this year give me a weird “nothingness” vibe to me, I just kind of roll with it. Maybe that’s why a lot of my self-esteem went down the drain a few times, again not to be sad or anything I just hoping next year will be better. There was a lot of shit this year that was crazy and there is still one more month before we go into 2023 so I hope this Christmas can bring NG alive again like last year. (Not saying it’s dead just you know, those downtimes where a lot isn’t going on)

Some notable things I did was making a big improvement into animation and meeting one of my good pals of mine, @QueenBoo this year. So it’s not all doom and gloom.

A lot of us are still recovering from the last two years and for me my way of recovering is just kinda letting everything go in motion. At times I do feel like I am far behind then everyone on NG or even my personal life but I know once I post here again will be people checking it out. Honestly never had this many people follow me on a account before for only my original art, sure you might have known me because of LMNG or any of the fanart that got frontpaged from me (Or the Tom Shitting art). But I appreciate you stayed even if I might not draw fanart a whole lot.

Next year I’m hoping to move pass fanart (kinda), mostly and share a lot more original works of mine.

I know many of you might know Moxxy, the big buff chick that dominated my account for the last two years, you prob noticed I move away from posting her a lot and that’s cuz I have more then just Moxxy to talk about now.

A weird thing about Mox is she kinda is a NG character now, in a sense she appeared in Face of 2022 drawn by @ChormaCee and I did make that silly day about her (I might not bring that back but lets see how it plays out) and I’m glad you guys like her tho.

Just time made me move on to talk about my other peeps, like my girls Faye and Juneau or even make new ocs (I know I will keep making new ocs)

Which also leads to one other thing I wanna talk about, since twitter kinda burning rn I decided to jump onto tumblr for more of my sketches, doodles, and other stuff that I don’t think could fit on NG without clogging up my account. Check it out if ya want, it’s more so a blog and don’t worry my twitter will still be active unless Mr.Musk blows up the system with his 5G mind.


Again, this is just a big ramble post of mine, I would love to share what I’m working on rn for next month but nope it’s a secret.

Though one thing I will be doing (If I can figure this out on Newgrounds) is doing a video of all the unfinished works I worked on that never came to be, I also was thinking of sharing their fla files as my gift for being with me so far on this weird silly adventure for me.

Or make a silly animation reel, I might just so that.

I’ll see you later, hopefully.

- Maya