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Happy New Year (A small 2022 recap)

Posted by MayaLaCookie - December 31st, 2022

Hey everyone,


This is my 2022 recap. I’m going to try to recap in a good size post without making this like 3 pages long this time lol.

Honestly, just like I said in a previous post, I felt like I had an “Nothing” year. Like, I know I have done a lot this year, like some games and a ton of art. I just feel like I could have done more this year you know?


Earlier this year I did just to do a bit of work on the opening for Newgrounds winter fest, granted it wasn’t a lot.

I did work on Love Me Newgrounds, which was a crazy production but hey it was a good learning experience for me.

I did get to meet my friend, @QueenBoo at the end of summer, we had a fun time. It was my first time traveling alone, I have family near where she lives but I haven’t been down there for like a few years so it was nice to go back. Also Queen did help me with a background on my summer jam animation, can't thank her enough for that.

Over the first like week of September, I sprained my ankle. Next day I went to go see a NIN concert in Oregon with my mom, I was on crutches (still fun tho). That was also the same day Splatoon 3 came out lmao

After that I went to see a Gorillaz concert, which was something I wanted to do for a long time and just happened to find out they were performing at the Ball Arena in Denver (Formerly Pepsi center, tbh I think that’s a better name btw, prob cuz that’s what I knew it as for years) I was still in a brace but I did heal up just fine, which was good cuz we got a lot of snow in my college town about a week after I was out of a brace.

I was able to join the sketch collab, which was fun. @BrandyBuizel had to save my ass because my flash save just got deleted by my computer, thank god he was there and helped my ass one it. I been better about doing backups for animations now so that’s good lmao

I also did Faces of 2022, which I did Jameslee and ENA. I know Chromacee did Moxxy, which is nice to see.

I did join a smaller collab called Creature Collab, just a gallery of our creatures. I drew all of mine when I was visiting my grandparents in Alaska, they are something but hey.

Not NG related but I did do Art Fight, might do it again


I did do a Moxxy Day back in may, I’m not sure if I do another but I’ll try to announce it a lot sooner if I do, one day I hope to make it a contest with prices but as of now it’s just a silly day for my ocs.



Besides that what now?

Well I plan to make a lot more animations, this year I realized how much I enjoy working on animations more then just illustrations. Sure they aren’t super polished but that’s given for the fact I started just a year ago now but hey, I’m still learning.

I did post my unfinish animations I did this year as a gift for my fans tho:

I’m going to chill out with my art tho, might have noticed I kinda stopped posting for a bit, only cuz I been in a major art block with me overthinking all of my art again. My lack of confidences likes to make me doubt sometimes.

I just been figuring out my art, I know I have improve but I know I still have a lot to learn.


But hey, Thanks to the 463 peeps who stayed with me. It means a lot, Hopefully soon I can work on something to share with you all.

I am going to be updating my pfp and banner for the new year cuz y not lol.

Hope you guys have a good new year eve. Hopefully we see each other again soon.





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