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Social Updates + Monthly Blog

Posted by MayaLaCookie - March 23rd, 2023

Hey everyone hope you guys are doing well

This is more so an update on my social platforms since I been getting real tired of Twitter. So first, I have a SpaceHey account now. This is where my general blogging and more weekly blogging will go, I'm going to be using this Newgrounds blog as more so announcements and monthly blogs, still trying to do a check in every month (even though I been lacking lmao)

But if you would like to check me out and see a more general side of me, SpaceHey is where I'll be at

Another thing, I am been moving sketches and doodles to my Tumblr, so if you ever wanna know what I'm sketching I am usually posting over there

My le epic spacehey


I haven't posted anything here still (more so I'm worried on that "make a good first impression post" and I also have been like dead on ideas for a while now) but I would like to mention I might have something up for Pico Day

Keyword: Might

It's a project I am on with friends and we were going to post it during March but we figured Pico Day would be a better time for us, so keep your eyes peeled for that

As for personal projects, I had to postpone a lot of my ideas due to college, but thankfully I am slowly catching up and I'll be having a break next week, so hopefully I can get some shiz done.

I will say it again, Newgrounds will forever me my home for my art and animation, just don't think stuff like my sketches work here

I also say this, me leaving twitter (and insta) is kinda odd to me? It's like saying "Why drop your presence on bigger social medias where you can make a name for yourself for underground smaller communities?"

The more I think of it, the more I realized I just want to be in my own small community. I love seeing the reactions I get to projects I get here and on Tumblr a lot more then on Twitter

But hey, maybe it's me wanting to live in the wild west days of the internet

One last thing, It was my 21st birthday last week and it was fun. I have been hanging out with more people at my school that I could say they are friends

Ever since February I also got into Red Dead Redemption 2, due to having to play it for class and I became with two really cool peeps who love the game as much as me

I also went out around that time to bowling night at my school and meet a group of cool peeps

I have brought up my self esteem problems a lot in the past but in a weird way making friends in my college and playing RDR2 really helped me feel better about myself. I may not be 100% but at least now I'm slowly making out of the hole I dig myself into. Again my friends, both classmates and friends I hang out with for laser tag and bowling are the sweetest people I met and my whole birthday week was wonderful then I expected

My friend from class even give me a card for my birthday, he's a bigger RDR2 fan then me lmao and he drew Lenny which just made me so happy


Anyways this was much longer then I expected, I hope these blogs aren't becoming tired some, I feel like at times I repeat myself to much but hey just wanna let everyone know I'm ok and I'll be back here on Newgrounds soon enough

Have a good one :)




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