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November Update||Look Back 2022

Posted by MayaLaCookie - November 22nd, 2022

Ok Imma be real, I was going to make a “Year in Review” post later but currently I was thinking about my year rn and I just kinda wanna ramble.

This year was a mix bag for me, like sure I made a lot of cool things and art but at the same time it was a big mess and that’s ok.

I had so many ideas that I wanted to do but never got around to do it, mainly cuz of time and mental health or just my personal life getting in the way. Plus the shit I was able to be in or get out here wasn’t by best work I believe, like the big boy animation I did, I had fun with it tho. 

Idk this year give me a weird “nothingness” vibe to me, I just kind of roll with it. Maybe that’s why a lot of my self-esteem went down the drain a few times, again not to be sad or anything I just hoping next year will be better. There was a lot of shit this year that was crazy and there is still one more month before we go into 2023 so I hope this Christmas can bring NG alive again like last year. (Not saying it’s dead just you know, those downtimes where a lot isn’t going on)

Some notable things I did was making a big improvement into animation and meeting one of my good pals of mine, @QueenBoo this year. So it’s not all doom and gloom.

A lot of us are still recovering from the last two years and for me my way of recovering is just kinda letting everything go in motion. At times I do feel like I am far behind then everyone on NG or even my personal life but I know once I post here again will be people checking it out. Honestly never had this many people follow me on a account before for only my original art, sure you might have known me because of LMNG or any of the fanart that got frontpaged from me (Or the Tom Shitting art). But I appreciate you stayed even if I might not draw fanart a whole lot.

Next year I’m hoping to move pass fanart (kinda), mostly and share a lot more original works of mine.

I know many of you might know Moxxy, the big buff chick that dominated my account for the last two years, you prob noticed I move away from posting her a lot and that’s cuz I have more then just Moxxy to talk about now.

A weird thing about Mox is she kinda is a NG character now, in a sense she appeared in Face of 2022 drawn by @ChormaCee and I did make that silly day about her (I might not bring that back but lets see how it plays out) and I’m glad you guys like her tho.

Just time made me move on to talk about my other peeps, like my girls Faye and Juneau or even make new ocs (I know I will keep making new ocs)

Which also leads to one other thing I wanna talk about, since twitter kinda burning rn I decided to jump onto tumblr for more of my sketches, doodles, and other stuff that I don’t think could fit on NG without clogging up my account. Check it out if ya want, it’s more so a blog and don’t worry my twitter will still be active unless Mr.Musk blows up the system with his 5G mind.


Again, this is just a big ramble post of mine, I would love to share what I’m working on rn for next month but nope it’s a secret.

Though one thing I will be doing (If I can figure this out on Newgrounds) is doing a video of all the unfinished works I worked on that never came to be, I also was thinking of sharing their fla files as my gift for being with me so far on this weird silly adventure for me.

Or make a silly animation reel, I might just so that.

I’ll see you later, hopefully.

- Maya 





That cat GIF tho. :O Hypnotic...

In regard to life and all I've been getting a similar vibe this year. I wonder if it has to do with how the pandemic supposedly blew over, and things were starting to look up, but then suddenly other worldly issues came in the way and it feels like the progress we were promised never really took off... the great force of good in the world didn't propel onward as we thought it would. At least I think I was thinking it might have, this year. Instead war and energy crisis and all that shizzle. Lost a little optimism, but it'll come back...

Here's hoping 2023 feels like a lot more something! And you managed a bundle at least. Nice read.