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Finally a News Update

Posted by MayaLaCookie - February 22nd, 2023

Hey there, It’s been a while

I really thought I would finally have something up for 2023, like art or an animation or whatever but I been dealing with a creativity burnout for a while now. I didn’t want to just drop off the face of the earth on Newgrounds so I’m making this news post saying I am alright and just updating everyone that I am trying to get back to art again. Just been hard with my college work and everything.

I am still debating on doing commissions too as I am pretty much in a bad place right now financially, as much as I don’t want to mention it. But that’s still up in the air since right now I been struggling to make art all together.

I know most of my blog posts has been me down in the dumps but that’s my nature in a silly way, I guess. I just want to post more here because I still care for Newgrounds. I just really want my first 2023 art/animation to not be underwhelming you know?

 But as of now I been very tired and I dug myself into a very bad art block hole, which to combat this I actually bought a journal and started to do life sketches, nothing too crazy but at least it gets me back into the creative mood you know?



A plant I saw in the main building on my campus and then my friends in my audio editing class and my friends corgi. I am not a pro at life sketches lmao

There is an project I am on coming up to HOPEFULLY that would make up for my lack of anything here, plus you will see why I haven’t posted too since a lot of my time also was devoted to that project creatively.

Mainly TLDR: I am mentally not doing well and art is not going well cuz of it. Plus I am obsessing over a certain game rn so my mind kinda taking a break from working on art so much.

But hey, I am doing better like I said I got a journal and as much as it was a silly inside joke for me (cuz the character I’m in love with writes/draws in a journal in game) it has actually been getting me back on track to work on projects again.

So if you sticked with me this far, thanks for sticking around. I can’t explain how honored I am to have a supporting group of peeps, even if it’s not a lot. Someday I hope to make it up to you guys

See ya later




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