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Update | Rambling

Posted by MayaLaCookie - July 7th, 2023

Hey this is going to be a bit of a long post. So I am going to get my update stuff out of the way before I start to ramble

Thanks for 500 fans, I honestly didn’t expect to get to that. Not much to say only cuz it’s still quite surreal for me.

I am currently starting to work a big project that I hope to finish by March 2024, it’s quite massive but hey at least I am starting on it a lot eariler. With that said I am pretty much going to be inactive most of the time (or until Tom Fulp uploads that multiple image submission because I really want to leave Twitter and post my sketches here)

Along with that, I have an plan for a Blammed Sisters short, something small but it cuz a lot of you guys seem to really like Faye which is also very surreal for me.

Even though this isn’t any new news, LMNG having a competition. There are some cash prizes and top three will be rewarded with not only cash but some gifts, like a animated gif by @CheddarExuberent, a special message from MC by @NickSenny, a half body sketch by @Queenboo and a full color full body drawing from me.

If you wanna join (which I suggest you do as all of the submissions will be showcased on @Gloom-Gorl and @NeuromanceEspa stream on July 22nd) check out QueenBoo’s post. Again I know I am adding nothing new just like to give more light on it.

I been debating on starting commissions but as of now I am unable, just busy. But I am going to be supporting my ko-fi more often now. If you like what am doing and would like to support, check it out. I may do some sketch commissions tho because I hate asking for money without giving something in return you know?

Here's my ko-fi if you are interested in it


I don’t think I have any other updates. So let me ramble for a sec

To be honest, I am not doing well mentally. It might be just some stress from all these projects along with my busy life outside of art. But I just been struggling to put something out here you know? I guess I’m only really rambling because I feel bad for being so inactive. If we do get that multi image submission update then I will be here more often posting sketches. But for now I’ve slowed down on art because I am not really happy with it. I been doing animation more and hope to bring out more animation on the table. Hopefully you all understand because it’s hard to post full finish works here and then kind of just disappeared after a while you know? I love it here don’t get me wrong.

Another thing, it’s been a very long time (since like last year?) when I brought up my self-doubt and all that. As much as it’s still apart of my life it’s kinda getting easier to manage. So, unless you didn’t see my recent post or my sketch dump, I am quite interested in a certain silly cowboy game that became my whole personality for now half a year.

Had to play Red Dead Redemption 2 for my college english class and ever since it kinda made me view my worth a bit differently. Arthur Morgan has similar issues I go though and seeing him contently bring himself down made me realize how much I do it and still do it. I am not 100% better, as one might expect, it’s not something I can easily move on from as self-loathing as been apart of my life ever since my final year of high school.

 I have a lot in life going on too, I’m in my final year of college, I am moving out of the town I lived in ever since I was 4 and I am going to be facing life out of school and hope to find a job in film production (or more specifically animation). I cried yesterday because the feeling became so overwhelming.

I guess at the end of the day, I’m trying and I am also struggling. But still trying to push out of that self-loathing funk and I want to make more for here, even if it means I am gone for most of the time. I am still active, I still check Newgrounds and stuff just I want to make better stuff in a medium that I am happier in and I hope you guys enjoy the stuff I have to offer.

I hope this wasn’t too vent-y? I just wanna try to give some context to my headspace rn. Hoping you guys stay here for the ride because I do have some things in store.

Hope you all have a good one.




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